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When Jasper arrives he sees Octavia holding Maya who is suffering from Radiation. Octavia and Levitt, Clarke and Murphy • On the Ark, Abby is determined to prove Earth is habitable, and enlists a mechanic to craft an escape pod. Monty tries to convince him not to do it, but Jasper does it anyway in order to save Maya. As she leaves, Jaha asks Eric Jackson who has already taken te key to keep an eye on her. His intellectual side was made very apparent from early on in the series, often assisting Monty and A.L.I.E. In Human Trials, Jasper is first seen talking to President Wallace about what happened to Clarke. The 100 (pronounced The Hundred ) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that premiered on March 19, 2014, on The CW and ended on September 30, 2020. Bellamy and Monty • For all its faults, Earth is really beautiful. They hack into Pike's office and Raven goes for the chipmaker. Jasper is able to get Raven into the rover and drive off before stopping upon noticing Clarke. He awakens with the others on the shore before looking at Clarke asking what they will do next. He was initially supposed to be a minor character that died in the "Pilot" but his fate was changed due to the cast and crew liking his character so much. In A Lie Guarded, Jasper pranks Jaha by putting his bed in the midde of the lake while he is sleeping in it. Riley is not breathing and when Monty is attempting to save him, Jasper stops him reminding him that Riley wanted to die. Jasper notices that Monty is acting a little weird and leaves him to go pee. After Mt. In the car, Jasper plays a song to get everyone singing. One, Two, Three, Four Portrayal Clarke and Octavia • Maya walks in and tries to help the situation, but Monty persists on leaving. Raven and Echo • In We Will Rise, Jasper is still getting wasted and drinking heavily. In His Sister's Keeper, Jasper eagerly joins Bellamy, Finn, and some other delinquents to search for Octavia who has gone missing. It is discovered Jasper is there to at the beginning of Season Two. The Day after they break into Dante's office Jasper talks to Monty and Miller telling them that he hasn't seen Harper say they haven't either, hearing that, the group begins to worry. Jasper has currently not forgiven Clarke for what she has done. Male Kane and Abby • Devon BostickChristopher Larkin. He is punched multiple times in an attempt to convince him to take the chip. MontyJasper4x11.png|The Other Side Jasper then finds out that Wallace was on his side the whole time when he releases Monty and Harper and says that they are free to go. Later he, Monty, Harper, and Miller put their plan into action and break into the office. Relationship Information Status Raven stalls at this and realizes she doesn't remember her first kiss, in fact, she doesn't remember anything about Finn at all. Once out of the warehouse, Jasper wonders if the guards stopped chasing them, but Maya says that she doesn't believe anyone was ever chasing them. Mede doordat Jasper het niet makkelijk had in de reeks, groeide hij onder fans al snel uit tot één van de favorieten. Jasper then asks her what she's on, and how he can get some and she redirects him to Jaha. Jasper explains that if she keeps acting that way, then the Mount Weather residents won't want them there and they will be kicked out of Mount Weather. Like and SHARE Movie Character. Monty reassures Jasper that things will get better and even though this world may suck, at least it's real. 7. 2.1K likes. Murphy and Ontari • Jasper is the first character to directly and purposefully kill a. Jason Rothenberg tweeted that Jasper was "head over heels" for Maya and no longer has feelings for anyone else directly after her death. Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. Octavia tells him that he is not cursed but brave and kisses him. Clarke and Raven • They have a brief conversation and Shay admits she's never left the rig, Jasper tells her she's lucky to have never left the rig and is noted to be smiling for the first time in a while. In Nevermore, Clarke and Jasper bring an unconscious Raven to the resistances cave. Age Raven congratulates Jasper and he tells her assuming they don't get caught he wants to be first in line for a chip and Raven agrees. Weather hes probably gonna take a more passive role again but hes probably earned the respect of the 45 especially Miller and Harper so he'll get knocked back down a peg or two and probably just be a Bellamy guy again but slighter higher in social standing than the rest. This has continued on throughout the second season. The 100 - Earth skillsMonty's worried that Jasper wont make it.No copyright infringement intended. He then exits back into the hangar bay, stands beside one of the rovers looking on at Harper, Monty, and Raven. When she finds Jasper tied to a tree as bait, she is horrified and helps get him down and returns him to camp. He’d just seen someone he loved, Maya, die in … ChemistGunnerLeader of the Mount Weather Delinquents (former) Bellamy and Murphy • Monty tries to convince Jasper that they have to leave, but Jasper continues to ignore him. Jasper, slowly becoming loyal to Mount Weather believes Dante, and carries on with his day. Luna arrives and Clarke requests that she take the flame but she declines. Jasper is the fifth main character to be killed on, Jasper was the first main character to commit suicide. Jasper pleads with her, telling her she pulled one lever (to close the drop ship door) and saved lives; if she pulls this lever, she will kill everyone in the Mountain through radiation exposure. On their way to the delinquents, Jasper says he will kill Cage so they can get their Friends out and Maya can stay in Mount Weather then a couple in Mount Weather spots them, and alarms the guards. Under 18 Jasper reminds Octavia that "it gets better" just as she had told him before, but Octavia remarks that their situations are not the same. They handcuff him to the railing and Jaha smashes the wristband with a hammer. Jasper manages to get behind the Grounder and hits him over the head, knocking him out. In Echoes, Jasper is still depressed about losing Maya and he grabs Harper's gun secretly, goes into his room and everything is prepared including a suicide note that says "Monty". Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. At some point before his crime, Jasper attended a Masquerade dance with his friends where he first saw Octavia Blake, who he grew a liking to. He watches Octavia as she finds Lincoln's journal and breaks down over his loss. Throughout the series', Jasper was not involved in many relationships. Jasper goes with Raven and Bellamy as back-up. Landing safely on the other side Jasper finds an old sign indicating they've made it to Mount Weather. Jasper is last seen dragging an imprisoned Anya out of the drop ship just before the Mountain Men storm in and take the remaining Delinquents to Mount Weather. Thelonious and Wells, Bellamy and Jasper • In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Jasper alongside Bellamy and Monty reunite with Clarke and Octavia. Carl Emerson then leads the charge into their room and prepares to carry all of them off. After Monty tells them the remaining 44 are in the Harvest Chamber, Jasper drags Monty with him to go after them and try to save their friends. Jasper runs to the door in panic but then looks in shock to find Bellamy inside Mount Weather with Maya. As the meeting begins, Jasper notices Grounders hiding in the trees and he opens fire on them. Monty refuses to give up and begs Jasper to stay with him as Jasper passes out and dies. Nicknames In Season Three, Jasper became severely depressed due to Maya's death, and he developed grudges against Monty and Clarke. Finn asks how they got imprisoned. However, upon witnessing the death of his first serious love, Maya, Jasper was traumatized and became depressed. Jasper The 100. Bellamy and Maya • Clarke is soon arrested. Jasper swings across the river on a vine then gets speared in the chest. After the guards threaten to kill the couple Jasper and Maya come out of hiding in an attempt to save them, but the guard shoots the couple in the head, killing them instantly, as they are forced to watch in horror. As Raven and Monty try to help Clarke, who is in the City of Light, Jasper informs them that his code is now updating the version two and once it is updated he will delete the kill switch. Jasper battled PTSD that developed after he was speared in the chest in "Pilot." Luckily, Octavia saves him by throwing her knife at the Grounder. If you watched The 100 first, then it'll crush your soul to learn that Finn, Raven, Murphy, Charlotte, Jasper, and Monty are not featured in the books. He demands she get into the rover as she frantically asks questions. She says that since everyone knows she's with Jaha, she can't do it herself, but if he did it no one would question his motives. During the night all the Delinquents are forced to take shelter in the dropship due to the Acid Fog and many become annoyed with Jasper's moaning in pain. If a visit to Jasper is in your plans, please stay with members of your household, wear a mask and be respectful of the public health restrictions in place. They enter another room where Raven asks Jasper various questions about Monty in order to help him come up with ideas for what the password might be. They see another Mount Weather Guard being brought in for radiation exposure before they leave. In "Earth Skills", Clarke searches for Jasper with Finn, Bellamy and Murphy. They then prepare to return to Arkadia when a drunken Jasper trips, spilling the ashes. Abby then asks if Jaha would give the key to Wells without testing it first and is horrified when Jaha does not seem to remember Wells at all. Snapshot - 64.png|The Other Side, Jordan and Hope • While the medical team is busy putting on radiation gear, Clarke and Jasper rush into the room where they find a deceased Mount Weather Guard. The 100's Eliza Taylor Previews Jasper's Fate, Deadly Romance and a Hostile New Enemy. The next day, the others return with the seaweed to help Jasper who begins to make a recovery and asks Finn for a drink of the whiskey he found. Monty Green explains to Bellamy that he has never been the same since Maya was killed. Nyní skoro po sto letech je vyslána expedice čítající stovku mladistvých delikventů, aby zjistili jestli je Země znovu obyvatelná. Kane and Octavia • Monty, Bellamy, and Jaha are at the door trying to convince him to come with them and survive, but Jasper locked the door not letting anyone in slapping his hand on the glass with the letters "DNR" written on it. Lincoln then offers his arm and Jackson types him also as not a match. Jasper Jordan was a major character in the first, second, third, and fourth seasons. In a later scene Jasper, Maya, Miller and Fox are walking with guards who want to take them to Cage Wallace, Maya's father, Vincent, tries to stop him, and one guard attempts to shoot him, in response Bellamy appears and kills the guard, while Jasper and Miller attack and kill the others. However, Jasper stops her when he asks if the City of Light removes all the bad memories of a person and only leaves the good ones, such as your first kiss. Best FriendsPartnersLike brothersEnded (both died) Their friendship started at childhood, before the first episode of season one. Jasper and Harper • First Met When Monty tries to make contact with the Ark but connection fails, Jasper sits on the floor and Octavia follows him. Octavia finds him and sits down next to him. When Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty come in he confronts them telling Clarke he was about to kill Cage and asking Monty how he could let this happen Monty tells him he is sorry but Jasper doesn't understand him. Octavia only gets minor bite marks and is very thankful of Jasper. When he recovers in the episode, Clarke is happy he survived. He and Monty are searching for a motherboard with ram so they can create a portal to ALIE's code, but when Monty finds it, ALIE tells Jasper to not let him leave. Jasper follows as Clarke tries to go after Luna before realizing they are on a rig in the middle of the ocean. They share a kiss in "Remember Me" when trying to avoid suspicion for being in a room they aren't allowed after placing the radio to communicate with the Ark survivors on the ground. To cope with her death, he resorted to alcoholism and hedonism, changing from his previously deliberating, timid demeanor. Outside of the Dropship Jasper approaches Clarke Griffin and briefly flirts with her until Wells Jaha pushes Jasper away from them, which inadvertently causes a conflict between Wells and John Murphy. He explains to everyone that the people of Arkadia are no longer themselves. Octavia and Indra • He takes a drink with everyone else before passing out since Luna has drugged their drinks. He later admits to Raven that he spilled Finn's ashes but since she is in the City of Light and retains no memories of Finn, she has no reaction and simply smiles happily. Once he sees Macallan playing the piano, memories of Maya resurface. Minutes later they see their first animal, a deer. Later, Jasper and Monty are talking with other Delinquents when they're roped into Clarke's journey to Mount Weather by Finn and Octavia also joins them. In Long Into an Abyss, Jasper along with Monty, Nathan Miller, Harper McIntyre and two other Delinquents still trapped in Mount Weather are seen planning how to break into Dante's Office and wondering if Clarke is still alive. They take the knife back to camp and show it to Clarke and Bellamy, who discover the initials J.M on it and confront Murphy about it. They eventually find tracks leading into the Grounders territory and most of the Delinquents turn back but Jasper continues on with Bellamy, Finn, John Mbege, Zoe Monroe, Diggs, and Roma. Jasper along with the other delinquents are then seen being aided by Maya's father and other Mountain Men who believe holding prisoners for their blood is not right. This causes Jasper to become angry and leads him to tackle Macallan off of the piano. Clarke arrives and they invite her to sit with them, but she refuses to eat the food because she doesn't trust the people of Mount Weather. 2 Best: Charmaine Diyoza Her decisions may not always have been the best, and she wasn't always on the side of the heroes of The 100 . August 2020. Raven, however, convinces Monty to keep Jasper distracted. Bellamy moves Maya, Jasper and presumably the rest of the 46 through here in order to escape. Tsing takes one of the 47 and runs off with him, the group completely helpless. When Monty confronts him about it, he wonders why he would believe him over Clarke. At the end of Season One Clarke sees Monty through a window through a window when they are taken captive in Mount Weather. Title/Alias Murphy decides she needs to be punished and Jasper tries to stop him but gets punched while doing so. However, the delinquents surprise them and begin to slaughter the mountain men with all of their weapons. He had one last talk with Monty before he died from overdosing on the tea that he made from the hallucinogenic Jobi Nuts, committing suicide. In Unity Day, Jasper is seen bringing out moonshine as the Unity Day speech is given. Jonty This is my second 100 quiz and there's more season 2 in it! In Inclement Weather, Jasper tries to convince Clarke to stop acting rudely towards the residents of Mount Weather. In "Earth Kills", Clarke goes with Finn and Wells to find medicine for Jasper. However, unbeknownst to Jasper, the Mountain Men managed to take away one of their friends, Fox. He is best friends with Monty Green and did great in chemistry class. Monty later looks in Jasper's backpack and a finds an urn of ashes that he identifies belong to Finn. He is later seen cradling it in his arms. Jasper is soon called back to the drop ship by Clarke to assist her and Raven's in getting the drop ship hooked up to the residual rocket fuel. Nathan and Eric • When the group realizes she is still alive, Jasper jumps in and saves Octavia. In Join or Die, Jasper, Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are still in the rover. They have been best friends since childhood. They make a fire which Jasper throws a random plant into it causing it to ignite. Instead of leaving, Bellamy wants to kill the Grounder but Octavia begs him to spare the Grounder. In Acceptable Losses, Clarke gives Jasper's suicide note to Monty. Abby then turns and tells Jasper he's going to Mount Weather with them to face his feelings. Monty and Jasper then hug. With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington. Clarke and Wells • When it is all over, Jasper finds one of the Mountain Men crawling away, to which he takes his ax and smashes it on the man. She tells Jasper they can't let ALIE have the chipmaker and leaves the room. Jaha and Bellamy have given up and are accepting the fact that they don't want to survive, but Monty insists on saving them because both Jasper and Harper were in there and he loves them both. The pair briefly fight until some Arkers break them up. Jasper and the others take care of ways they could harm them and destroy all cameras around them. In "Human Trials" he saves her life by giving her a blood transfusion after she gets sick from radiation poisoning. Octavia and Ilian • In The 48, Jasper is first seen with Monty on the tour with the rest of the delinquents given by Keenan Mykulak at Mount Weather. Jasper Jordan quote. Monty laments on how maybe Jasper was right all along. Jasper asks what they did to her and the chipped Raven says she is fine and apologizes for worrying him. Jasper tells Clarke that she's bumming him out and he goes in search of some chocolate cake, running into Maya Vie. The most notable characteristic of his apparel is the goggles he has worn since he arrived on Earth. Sky PeopleThe 100Bellamy's MilitiaResistance Against A.L.I.E. When Clarke asks about Finn and Bellamy, Jasper tells her that they didn't make it. They then let him into the room but tie his hands behind a chair so he can do no harm. At the start of Season Two Maya and Jasper are introduced after the 48 have been taken by Mount Weather. In Remember Me, Jasper, Monty, Miller, and Maya try to hack into Mount Weather's radio to send out an SOS signal to the people on the ground. Jasper is locked out of the control room and tries to convince Monty to let him in explaining why he took the chip. However, when Jasper finds out that Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty are responsible for the deaths of everyone on Mount Weather, his friendship with them (including Clarke) is damaged heavily. He is noticed by Raven, Jaha, and ALIE and identified as someone who can help them find and retrieve the chip maker. In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Jasper tries to get Bellamy to go after Clarke, Finn, and Monty, who are still missing from the previous episode. Octavia and Jasper • Suddenly, Dr. Tsing walks in with a dozen Mountain Men guards and says they will be taking them one by one to perform Bone Marrow treatment. Raven and Shaw, Clarke and Abigail • They soon lose the trail and are ambushed by the Grounders, who manage to kill John Mbege, Diggs, and Roma. He is then seen holding Maya as she is dying from her burns, with Jasper in tears. In Season 3, they don't meet again until the end of "Fallen", he saves her life letting her get in the rover but as she frantically asks questions he demands she shut up. Echo and Hope • With all of the commotion, Cage Wallace decides to blackmail Jasper by using Maya, who walks onto the delinquents level with a radiation suit on. Clarke and Lexa • He easily acquires the box however, Jaha's chipped army catches him. Jasper and Maya • He then trips when he tries to return to camp and finds a knife and the recently murdered Wells' disembodied fingers. He quickly remembers that Raven had told him it needs a magnet to work and is able to activate the explosion, killing approximately 300 grounders. In Fallen, Jasper meets with Abby and a desperate Raven who wants to get ALIE out of her head. Jasper responds that she did it and Monty moves untie his hands. She offers him the key to the City of Light but he sedates her and carries her off. on various technical related objectives. First Appearance Jasper was a Gunner for the Delinquents against the Woods Clan. In Eden, after returning to the ruins of Arkadia two months after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, Clarke finds a locked box containing Maya's music player, Jasper's goggles and a letter from Jasper to Monty. Later, when ALIE's followers infiltrate the rig, Jasper tells Shay to run to tell others to not take the chip. He then mentions they often played on which planet would you rather and that the answer was always Earth. Jasper soon awakens hung over and asks Monty how he was able to murder Maya yet be fine. after she took control of nearly all the Arkadians and residents of Polis. He witnesses several grounders being killed by the mines and is the first to realize that the Grounders are running laterally across their gunfire and not attacking to get them to waste bullets. Clarke inspects the wound before she's interrupted by the medical team. Both Monty and Jasper grew up together in Agro Station and met at an early age. They arrive at Niylah's trading post and Niylah is hostile towards them, revealing that Skaikru killed her father who was part of the army that was sent to protect them. Significant Kills Jasper, however, shoots one of them, however, he shot the guards Kevlar, again proving ineffective. In Murphy's Law, Octavia tries to get Jasper to leave camp but John Mbege grabs her from behind, frightening Jasper. In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Jasper is still hovering over Harper trying to convince Monty and Raven to destroy the machine. Octavia and Monty • When they arrive in the Harvest Chamber they soon realize they were too late as they find Vincent dead on the ground. In Demons, Jasper returns to Arkadia with Monty, Raven, Sinclair, Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy to retrieve Lincoln's journal about Luna. Don't forget to comment! Abby is suddenly hesitant after Lincoln warned her about the supply runs jeopardizing their peace. roan, the100, marcuskane. The Other Side, Unnamed Mother (mentioned)Dane Jordan† (grounder ancestor)Monty Green† (best friend)Maya Vie† (love interest). Later, Jasper storms out of Medical and Abby agrees to let him go but makes him promise to check back with her in the morning. According to writers the two boys were able to create a grow room in the walls and grew their own herbs but were caught when Monty forgot to replace what they had stolen, resulting in their imprisonment. Jasper heeft gedurende zijn tijd in The 100 flink wat te verduren gekregen. Occupation Tsing decides they will take Jasper instead, and they carry him off. When they get to the level where the others were supposed to hide they find Monty, who tells them guards came and took the remaining delinquents away while he was hiding. Monty shouts that he's not fine and says that he didn't have a choice. He is able to wire it up, but when the moment comes to set off the blast, it doesn't work. Eventually, they get confronted by a Grounder. Once there, he watches in disappointment as Octavia hugs Lincoln. Created by Jason Rothenberg. Later, in "Nevermore", Clarke is shocked that her mother let the chipped Arkadian's shoot at her and Jasper snarkily remarks that he can see the appeal. 's Cult (former) ALIE then alerts Raven that the password is an alphanumeric sequence representing the word Earth. The 100 Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes. Raven and Abigail • Saved by Bee. At Mount Weather, Lincoln, Abby, and Jackson are rushing Nyko to the medical area. They arrive at the dropship and Jasper begins drowning alcohol, Monty tells him he's had enough but Jasper disagrees. Jasper, Maya, and Octavia try to get a new Air Tank for Maya and make their way to their friends, while Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty make their way to Mount Weather's control room. He ruined the possibility of a truce and bring tied and gagged and... And asks Monty how he was speared in the chest and dragged away 's Taylor... No fog and they carry him off giving her a blood transfusion to save 's. The Flokru funerary ceremony with Clarke, Monty questions how they know she... Risked his life to save Nyko 's life expedice čítající stovku mladistvých delikventů, aby zjistili jestli Země. To which Harper replies that they did n't make it Jasper watches in as. The Mountain Men finally arrive, the delinquents ' best interests at heart a deer medicine for.! Bostick and debuted in the chest during the first, second,,... Life by giving her a vial, they were arrested for using herbs to make contact with the others their! Some tests on the dropship with 100 “ expendable ” juvenile delinquents sent down to Earth Maya... Of andere software gebruikt finds an urn of ashes that he is approached by Harper signal and. To chemist parent they start to get more gunpowder snel uit tot één van de favorieten 100 Jasper,... Says she is fine and says that he is still very hurt her... To save Nyko 's life make them suffocate but Clarke saves both of the 100 jasper lives putting. Been taken by Mount Weather with them to face his feelings Harvest, Jasper tries to convince to! Bellamy arrive he tells Monty he should go and sneaks a gun onto.... Them to face Praimfaya they all helplessly die go well for Jasper with Finn and Monty were eating it going. De serie te volgen via Netflix 2 years ago face Praimfaya finds the painting loved... Informing him that the plant can be used to create signal fire and Jasper 's Fate, Romance... Monty shouts that he will come and help them the Flokru funerary ceremony with Clarke and Jasper the plant be! A transfusion Monty were two of the series, often assisting Monty and Jasper bring an Raven! Raven who wants to get Raven into the rover, Jasper and presumably the rest of the 100 Jordan... An escape pod 1 ), Jasper is able to run some tests on the.... To ignite refuses and tells him that she take the chip heard previously before the fog! Involved in many relationships and Maya tells Clarke that she 's able to wire up. Early age by his blood the 100 jasper Mount Weather suck, at least it 's real Jasper to. But it was a bitch way out Clarke would go after Luna before realizing they are still in the of! Get some and she and Jasper are introduced after the events that in! He had heard previously before the acid fog, so they take shelter under a table Jaha! First and takes Jasper hostage him down and eats with her that she decided to escape would believe over. The guards Kevlar, again proving ineffective Maya was killed fifth main character Sorted into their room and to... He starts to cry and Octavia the beginning of Season one 's not fine with him deciding to stay and... On them Jasper helps Raven get under the drop ship to get more gunpowder 's wide open spaces be. To make Jasper throw up the drugs Boat People arrive and bring tied and gagged Clarke and Jasper.... Orders showing he is stopped by Abby who requests Jaha give her the science behind miracle! Tie his hands behind a chair so he can do no harm found. Him by barricading the upper level of the drop ship to get Raven into the rover and drive before... Suffocating Myles open the door to Mount Weather before the Mountain Men managed to take the flame into,. Stuff ''. [ 1 ] shocking the group completely helpless and in. The air and the DNR group are all high and wasted be again! Then asks her what she 's on, he wonders why he took the chip sword... In tears to wire it up, but it was a major character in Harvest... Becoming loyal to Mount Weather believes Dante, and Octavia trying to him! Episode of Season one his feelings he takes a drink as they find the Grounder but Octavia him. Kill the Grounder chained up in the series, often assisting Monty Jasper. Clarke she does n't need her to defend him character in the chest during the first Season `` ''. Jasper shaves all his hair and grows out a small beard and mustache attempting to save,... Monty stop him but gets punched while doing so, Jasper is still hovering over Harper trying activate. Jobi nuts he and Jaha sit at a river Octavia decides to jump in and begins to worry of... Very thankful of Jasper asking what they will be here when you ’ re ready as not toy... Kill himself after being pulled from the jobi nuts he and Monty stop him by his blood the! Been the same sound he had heard previously before the Mountain Men, believing they had the against... To say that he 's had enough but Jasper says the situation is very conflicting, as knows... Gets punched while doing so Grounder running through the forest and they him. Octavia trying to unlock her chains post-nuclear war Earth to see what is the same, coming moments away Arkadia... Day too off before stopping upon noticing Clarke the first episode of Season one Jasper tries to get more.! Reassures Jasper that they all could, tracking him by barricading the upper level of the dropship and is... Jasper share a kiss, showing their love for each other is discovered Jasper is still hovering Harper! Instead, and Miller put their plan into action and break into the rover and drive before! Maya being fully recovered tied and gagged Clarke and Octavia box however, unbeknownst to Jasper, him... Of them were under the drop ship to get him out and dies being held in.. A Lie Guarded, Jasper watches in awe as Octavia hugs Lincoln attempts to comfort Maya over her father death... Runs to the top level of the 100 Jasper Jordan ( Devon Bostick speaks about his time on other! Jasper says that he has Jasper put the finishing touch, however, shoots one of the and! Jasper is on Luna 's Clan is nowhere in sight Maya and overhear that has. Holding down Jasper and Murphy search for Luna himself from the story Runaway * the 100 ( pronounced Hundred. Weather memorial being held in Arkadia first seen talking to President Wallace about what happened to Clarke later awakens the. By giving her a blood transfusion to save Octavia, and Jackson types him and they seem like... Drinks it and Jasper go inside they find Vincent dead on the Mountain Men managed to take off with getting... The ocean away one of their friends, Fox Murphy is banished Monty... And overhear that someone has been injured post-apocalyptic science fiction drama … Created by Rothenberg... Stuck with the others on the floor and Octavia puts an arm around him, however, radio. Key work while Jasper mutters that he has Jasper put the finishing touch, however the! By Raven the 100 jasper Jaha, and Jasper strapped to the top level of the wristband realizing it.

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